• Summer Classes

    Late summer classes now enrolling!

    Our late summer language courses are now accepting students. Deadlines vary by language and class. Learn a language for yourself to prepare for your next international trip or just for fun. We have full line of classes in 12 languages, from beginner to advanced, including intensive programs in Spanish and English. Click below to see our course schedules.

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  • English for All Levels

    Business English, Accent Reduction and TOEFL Prep

    Gain confidence when speaking in everyday life situations. Our courses cover different levels and teach the essential vocabulary, grammar, and everyday dialogues you need to know. Our Accent Reduction programs can help you to reduce your accent and make your English more easier to understand. We also offer a TOEFL Prep course to help you achieve the score you need to get into college. We tailor private English classes to your level and goals so call us for more information.

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  • Really Speak a Language!

    6-Month Programs

    Learning to speak a language well and with confidence doesn't happen overnight. It takes dedication, motivation and a solid plan. You provide the first two and we will provide the third. Our new six-month programs are a cost-effective way to learn more than just the basics and learn to really speak a new language. Available this summer in Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

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Mandarin Chinese

It is the most widely spoken language in the world with 1.2 billion native speakers in China, Taiwan, Singapore and many other countries as a second language. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. While it is not the easiest language to learn, with four tones and a complex writing system, the rewards for doing so can be immense. If you are interested in beginning your journey into Chinese and opening your mind to a whole new language and culture, click here to register for our Mandarin course.

Mandarin Chinese Class

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