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Translation Services

The process of translation is more than simply changing words. It involves a thorough understanding of both the text and topic, and the corresponding ability to convey the meaning accurately and completely into the target language. With this in mind, Indy Translations collaborates with a worldwide team of professional translators and language experts to provide the highest possible quality of translation services. We have a rigid quality assurance process that has been developed to guarantee that every translation consistently meets our high standards.

Our Process

Our team approach begins with a dedicated project manager responsible for overseeing your project from start to finish. A subject-specialist translator will be assigned to your project. Our graphic artists will perform any formatting, re-create forms or do any graphic work that may be required to produce a final, print-ready translation. After the translation has been completed, a proofreader and editor will carefully review the finished document for style, consistency of terminology and accuracy of translation. In-country reviews are also performed on translations for use in specific countries. With hundreds of active clients worldwide and over 17,500 successful projects behind us, we know translations and always work hard to ensure that every project makes both the client and us look good.