Small Group Classes

What is a small group class? It is a class that has fewer students than a regular group class, more flexibility in schedule, meets more often for more learning potential, and becomes less expensive based on the number of students sharing the class! We have rates for 2, 3, and 4+. Small groups never exceed 6 students.  Many people choose this option because they are more serious about developing language skills, have a deadline as they plan to travel to the country of the target language, have family or in-laws that speak the language and want to be closer to them, or they just want to invest in their language skills and need a more intensive environment.


People also like this option because they do not have to wait for a class to open, as these classes do not have to open on certain dates! If you're interested simply make a small deposit to commit your interest to the class and select one of our time options.  If for any reason we're unable to open the class your deposit is fully refundable!  We just need a little time to put it together because we need to match language proficiency, time, and days available.   


You may choose from the following:


Tuesday/Thursday (90-minute classes)
1pm-2:30pm (lunch break)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday (1-hour classes)
1pm-2pm (lunch break)

If you need days that are outside of this normal timeline please contact the Education Director at 317-566-9458 or by email.  


* Please note that focus group classes are 3 hours per week minimum but can be as long as 6-9 hours per week. 

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