Intensive Language Programs
Language Immersion Programs

Immerse yourself in a language to start speaking quickly! Programs are available at our offices in Carmel, Indiana or North Palm Beach, Florida.



6 Month Intensive (144 hours)

3 days a week | 2 hours a day | 24 weeks | 6pm-8pm | $2495


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English | Spanish | Mandarin





Immersion programs are ideal for individuals requiring maximum language proficiency in the shortest amount of time. The goal is to surround you in the language to the greatest degree possible. You will leave this class with measurable skills that you can be really proud of!


Beginning English:

We concentrate on daily communication, phonics, and build your confidence with vocabulary you need for daily life.


Elementary English:

We build on your vocabulary, grammar, confidence and help you feel independent. We work on daily life dialogues that you will have in real world situations.


Beginning Spanish:

At the end of the 6 month course you will be comfortable in basic communication of Spanish. You will master basic conjugation, the most common irregular verbs, essential grammar and be able to travel using basic Spanish without the need for English.


Beginning Mandarin:

Mandarin is crazy hard, but that is also what makes it so much fun! At the end of 6 months you will have mastered pinyin, tones, be able to ask and answer basic questions, and memorize up to 800 characters.





We are currently only offering immersion programs for elementary and beginning, or near beginning levels of Spanish and English, and beginning levels of Mandarin.

To schedule a class, or for further information, please contact us at (317) 566.9458. Click to view our upcoming Spanish Intensive schedule.

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