German Language Courses

German Language Classes

German is the official language of Germany and Austria, and one of the three official languages of Switzerland. German is a West Germanic family, closely related to English and Dutch. It is spoken by over 90 million native speakers.


Each group German class session is two hours in length with a short break in the middle and meets once per week. All group courses are six weeks long. Instruction is offered at all levels, from absolute beginner programs all the way through advanced conversation courses in twelve different languages.

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One-on-one language instruction allows you to set your own goals, progress at your own pace and enjoy the flexibility of being able to meet with a top-quality language instructor at times that are mutually convenient. Classes are held at our offices, or can be arranged at your home or business for an additional cost.

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Our immersion programs are ideally suited to individuals who need to attain maximum language proficiency in the shortest amount of time possible. This class is 5 days a week and 4 hours a day for 4 weeks. The goal is to surround you in the language to the greatest degree possible and have you speaking your new language from day one.

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Virtual courses allow you to learn a new language wherever you are. No need to fight traffic, rush across town or leave work or home to attend class. Your own private instructor will be waiting for you online at the scheduled times. For students with prior knowledge of a language, your language level will be assessed during your first class so that a personalized curriculum can be created to meet your specific goals.

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Our corporate language programs are specially designed for business executives and companies that need well-designed, effective language instruction for their staff, foreign workers or their spouses. We can tailor our programs to your meet your company's specific needs.

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We keep our classes size small! With only 8 students in an adult group class you have just enough students to promote conversation and few enough that you get a lot of one-on-one attention and practice with the instructor in your foreign language. If you register for a class, we will work hard to make that class open with the minimum required number of 4. If you don't see a language, level, or time that you need please don't hesitate to send an email directly to our Director of Education.

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Intermediate German I

6 weeks (12 hours) | $225

If you already have a background and spreche ein bisschen Deutsch then this class is for you. Those who take this class have generally already completed Beginning German I, II, and III and are ready to move from the basics of speaking to more advanced grammar and longer dialogues. You're not fluent yet and you still might be apprehensive about your comprehension but you're not a beginner either.

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Intermediate German II

6 weeks 12 hours) | $225

This is a continuation of Intermediate German I where we work on not only your pronunciation and listening comprehension, but push you with more dialogues and advanced uses of Grammar. Some instruction might still be in English but you'll be expected to communicate yourself fully in German. You'll make plenty of mistakes but that is what we're here for! Viva la Deutschland! Oh wait... that's Spanish.

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