Mandarin Chinese Language Courses

Mandarin Chinese Classes in Indianapolis, Carmel and West Palm Beach

Mandarin is the main dialect of Chinese spoken by an estimated one billion native speakers. There are several dialects of Chinese spoken throughout Mainland Chinese, Singapore, Taiwan and several other countries, all unified through a common writing system. Learning to speak Mandarin is the first step into opening the door into the fascinating realm of Chinese culture and traditions spanning centuries.



Each group Mandarin Chinese class session is two hours in length with a short break in the middle and meets twice per week. All group courses are six weeks long. Instruction is offered at all levels, from absolute beginner programs all the way through advanced conversation courses in twelve different languages.

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One-on-one language instruction allows you to set your own goals, progress at your own pace and enjoy the flexibility of being able to meet with a top-quality language instructor at times that are mutually convenient. Classes are held at our offices, or can be arranged at your home or business for an additional cost.

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Our immersion programs are ideally suited to individuals who need to attain maximum language proficiency in the shortest amount of time possible. This class is 5 days a week and 4 hours a day for 4 weeks. The goal is to surround you in the language to the greatest degree possible and have you speaking your new language from day one.

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