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Adult Immersion Programs

Language Immersion Programs

Immersion programs are available in Carmel, Indiana or N. Palm Beach, Florida - a popular alternative in the winter!


Our language immersion programs are ideal for individuals requiring maximum language proficiency in a period of one to six weeks. Students are in class for up to 7.5 hours each day, depending on the program. Typically there are at least two different instructors to help students to hear other accents and speech patterns.


Our approach is conversational in nature, with grammar reinforced through continuous conversation and application. Various multimedia sources are also used to reinforce a student's retention of vocabulary and grammar. The goal is to surround the student in the target language to the greatest degree possible. Therefore, as soon as it is possible, the majority of conversation occurs in the target language.


Our immersion programs offer the following advantages:

  • Classes are designed according to your proficiency level.

  • Classes are tailored to your specific needs for industry-related terminology.

  • You choose the number of days of instruction.

  • You set the objectives that you wish to achieve.

  • Our teaching methodologies are modified to compliment your individual learning style.

To schedule a class, or for further information, please contact us at (317) 566.9458.

Please allow us at least one to two weeks to schedule immersion programs. Other languages are available according to instructor availability. Please inquire.