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Our History: Indy Language Center is a division of Indy Translations LLC, which was established in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1997 by Richard "Kelly" Hocker and William Zart as a full-service language service company. We provide interpretation, translation, audio/visual services, desktop publishing and language consultation. We also operate under the name The Foreign Language Company. We are a certified small business and LGBTE under our parent company. The Indy Language Center main offices are located in Carmel, Indiana with regional offices locatedin North Palm Beach, Florida.

Our Mission: To provide an ethical and uncompromising commitment to providing superior language services ensures that every client and student receives the same excellent quality of service.


Giancarlo DiMizioGiancarlo Dimizio
Education Director

Giancarlo "Gianni" is the Education Director of the Indy Language Center and is responsible for daily management of all aspects of our Carmel, Indiana location. An Italian Native, he brings with him a decade of teaching experience and managerial skills. He speaks Italian, Spanish and some French.


Our Classes

  • Our Teaching Philosophy

    By providing interesting and meaningful language instruction that keeps students motivated and engaged they can gain the confidence to use their language skills in real world situations at any skill level.


    Our goal is to provide top-notch language instruction services to the general public at an affordable price.  We believe strongly that learning another language is a key to unlocking the door to opportunities, as well as uniting cultures and communities. Our conversational, stress-free approach to teaching languages makes the language experience fun and effective. Students learn the language by interacting with native and native-fluent instructors with grammar reinforced through continuous conversation. Our courses teach all aspects of the language, including culture, with more emphasis is placed on the development of speaking and listening skills.

  • When studying a language, our individualized curricula allow students to learn exactly what they need or want to learn. By working with your goals and interests, your instructor will develop a curriculum which will meet your own specific language goals and needs. We offer the everyday vocabulary you need to successfully communicate and the industry specific vocabulary your business needs.  And because the curriculum is designed just for you, it is flexible.  As your language proficiency increases, your instructor will make necessary additions and alterations to ensure that the curriculum meets your changing needs.
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Our Locations


    Carmel Office

  • Our 6000 square-foot offices are located in the affluent northern Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, right off of the Monon Trail.

  • North Palm Beach, Florida

    Carmel Office

  • OurSouth Florida offices are conveniently located right off the intracoastal in North Palm Beach.

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“I really learned a lot in my Spanish I class with Hungria. The classes were entertaining and I feel like I can hold a basic conversion now.”

Terry H.

I've got nothing but good things to say. The Chinese class for kids is really well done - the instructor is fantastic. My son has made a lot of progress.

Lisa Y.

I started an accent reduction class at this school last November, which was really good and took another one in Feb. Mr. Danner Beau, who is a manager as well as an instructor is really nice and passionate. The content of the class was well prepared, and I wish I had more time there! I strongly recommend this class to anybody who wants to reduce accent....”

Yoshihisa M.

I felt satisfied with the [TOEFL] class because of the practical and informative teaching methods.
Moreover, the instructors are nice and friendly. They respect what we say and write but they are strict on pronunciation, grammar and the correct usage of vocabulary. They tell us specific strategies on how to speak when being recorded and write better essays after listening to or 
reading the text we are being tested on.

T. Moritoki