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Language Profile: Burmese

Burmese languageWith a growing Burmese population in Indiana, this language is fascinating to highlight with over 32 million speakers worldwide.

Burmese is a tonal language, meaning it uses pitch contour to modify the meanings of words; its three main tones (low, high, and creaky) are marked by diacritics or modified characters when written. The standard writing system (ca-lonh, or “round script”) is adapted from Mon script, which can be traced back to the Brahmi script of eastern India. Mon script first developed when letters were typically etched onto palm leaves, and writers had to avoid using straight lines to prevent the leaves from tearing. However, ca-lonh has not evolved over time in tandem along with modern colloquial Burmese, leading to major discrepancies between the pronunciation of the latter and the orthography of the former.

We offer private instruction in Burmese if you're interested.

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